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Annual Packages
for Natural Reversal of all types of Chronic Diseases
and Preventive Health Care


Our Annual Packages offer one on one online consultation through telephone, e-mail, Skype (audio & video) throughout the one year duration of the program. These packages are based on the concept of “Concierge Medicine”, where against an annual retainer, the health care provider works closely with you as a team member to guide and support you and monitor your monthly progress. Each month the health care provider spends one hour reviewing your medical history and past progress prior to the actual consultation. Each monthly consultation normally lasts for an hour. At the end of these two hours of time, another one hour is spent in drafting up a protocol of treatment to be followed by you during the next 4 weeks. This means that a minimum of 3 hours of solid hard work are invested in your case each month to support your investment in an annual health care retainer. Having such in depth and undivided attention from your health care provider, ensures a much higher rate of success and gives us an opportunity to handle all types of “mission impossible” of the medical science.

The scope of these annual packages covers chronic diseases such as high blood pressure (hypertension), cardiac diseases of all types, type 2 diabetes, prostate enlargement, kidney diseases, hypothyroidism, hormone imbalance / pcos / pcod, symptoms of menopause / andropause, to name a few. These packages also cover areas of reverse aging treatments / anti-aging the body and are also for those who aspire and understand the importance of preventive health care, perfect health and a perfect body and a drug free life style.

These packages are also a must for those would like to reduce the numerous side effects that have developed in their body, due to the prolonged use of prescription drugs and would like to live in a chemical free and natural environment.

To begin the process of enrolling for an annual package, please follow the 3 steps given below:

1. Please go to: and provide the basic information required for the registration process.

2. Next download a Questionnaire from:

This is an e-form that can be directly completed while on your screen, saved and e-mailed back to us for our scrutiny.

3. You are required to complete and e-mail our Questionnaire with relevant information prior to your planned consultation.

Following the above 3 simple steps, allows us to review all the information prior to the planned consultation, do our homework and get ready for an advanced / in depth discussion.

This will ensure that the time devoted for your one on one consultation is properly utilized and you receive maximum satisfaction and returns from the consultation.

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