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Papers presented at International Seminars, Conferences, Tutorials, Workshops, Masters Courses for IMCAS, ISAPS, IAAPS, A4M - American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, Orlando, Florida, April 2009 and San Jose, California, September 2009.

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2) Bypassing the Bypass
By: Pramod Vora
From My Doctor Magazine, Dec 2002.
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Detoxification and Nutrition in Pregnancy Download pdf file. Guide for planning a healthy baby.
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* Detoxification - Myth or Reality ?
A Pathological Evaluation

By: Pramod Vora, Medical Scientist,
Holistic Educator and Health Counselor to Doctors
International Faculty Anti-Aging Medicine

The subject of Detoxification which forms the basis of Alternative Medicine has been a controversial one with Allopaths denying the existence of Toxins in the body. Allopathic Doctors tend to think that there are no toxins in the body and that the human body would die if indeed there were toxins in the body.

However, mainstream medicine today does recognize toxic heavy metals and knows that the human body does not necessarily die but continues to malfunction and suffer from chronic ailments in the presence of moderately high levels of toxic metals like lead, nercury, arsenic, nickel, aluminum, etc. The presence of these heavy metal toxins can be verified by simple blood tests and these levels can be brought down by standard heavy metal chelation (detoxification) processes.

An attempt is made to clear up this controversy once and for all and is an interesting concept and presentation in the evolution of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine and Preventive Health Care.

The paper relies on reading of Pathological Reports as per the modern standards of Optimum Value which is a concept that is fast catching up in the West. Optimum Values in blood reports, are those values that are encountered in perfectly healthy young people. The focus today, is more towards preventive health management, which aims to maintain and preserve all body parameters at these healthy youthful levels throughout one's life.

The concept of Panchakarma to detoxify the body is taken to the next level, where user friendly kits for home use can Detoxification and Rejuvenation the body, all in the privacy of one's home. These unique and highly evolved Kits come with excellent documentation and a self explanatory calendar to guide the user on a day to day basis. The colon, kidneys, liver, lungs, blood and other organs of the body are detoxified by using these kit. The performance of these kits can be evaluated through standard blood tests to be done before and after the detoxification.

These kits serve as follow up treatment to standard Panchakarma procedures done at Ayurvedic Centers in India. They are specially useful for NRIs and foreigners who visit India for Ayurvedic Health Care and can be given as kits for follow up treatment to maintain their good health till they can return back to India. Detoxification and Rejuvenation Kits can also serve as a pretreatment procedure to be done by NRIs and foreigners who wish to visit Ayurvedic Health Resorts in India for their treatment. 

These kits are compatible and complement the treatments done in Siddha, Homeopathy, Varman, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Unani, Rekhi, Pranic Healing and other medical systems.

Used both as pretreatment or post treatment procedures, these Kits will only aid to improve the effectiveness of the treatments done in any system of Medicine – Alternative or Complementary or Main Stream Medicine.

NRIs and Foreigners who visit India for Ayurvedic and Alternative Medical Health Care would benefit immensely by the use of these Detoxification and Rejuvenation Kits.

* The concepts, data and methods of Pathological evaluation discussed in these peer reviewed paper were presented at the A4M – American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine at Orlando, Florida, USA in April 2009 and at San Jose, California in September 2009. The supporting Case Studies presented at this International Conference on Anti-Aging Medicine were based on the use of the Detoxification and Rejuvenation Kits mentioned in this article. These findings are published in the Anti-Aging Therapeutics Volume 12 and Volume 13 textbook series published by A4M – American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine for use by Physician all over the world. For more information on Case Studies conducted please visit:

The Main Paper

Detoxification - Myth or Reality ?
A Pathological Evaluation

Download pdf file (850 Kb)

Includes Frequently Asked Questions on Detoxification

Detoxification and Nutrition in Pregnancy
PDF Format

Importance of Salt in Digestion / Anti-Aging
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Detoxification & Rejuvenation Calendar
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Detoxification & Rejuvenation Kits - M60 / M60Plus /
M60Plus-Exp (select model of your choice)

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Case Studies / Testimonials on Detoxification and Anti-Aging [pdf file]

Detoxification in Anti-Aging
Paper presented at:
International Masters' Course in Anti-Aging Medicine
and at
A4M - American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine,
A4M-Orlando, Florida, USA, March 2009 [pdf file]

(supported with Clinical Studies)

A4M -San Jose, Californai, USA, Sept 2009 [pdf file]

Download Power Point Presentation (3.5 Mb) here

Case Studies / Testimonials on Detoxification and Anti-Aging [pdf file]

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