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Magnets have been widely used from ancient Greece to Egypt (Queen Cleopetra wore one) as far as China, India and Russia. The present day revival of Magnets can be attributed to research done by NASA. Astronauts were found to be suffering from various ailments when they returned back to Earth after a prolonged absence form the Earth’s Magnetic Field.

Dr. R. T. Jacobs in his "Experimental Therapy for the Layman" writes: "Now you have a chance to experiment with the worlds most incredible magnetic products and discover for yourself the mystery and miracle of magnetism; the amazing effects of magnetic energy that can bring relief from aches, pains, physical and aging problems. The changes in your life will astonish you. You will look great and feel even better. Let the amazing power of permanent magnetism reverse your problems with pain, inflammation and swelling today and tomorrow you will appreciate the miraculous and mysterious powers of conventional magnetic energy."

We at SpaceAge offer the finest quality Magnetic Products, using the highest quality components. Most of our Products are manufactured and designed by us. Items marked Deluxe are exclusively manufactured by SpaceAge using High Energy, deep penetrating and wide area Magnets especially designed for Therapeutic use. Some items are manufactured exclusively for us as per our designs & specifications and under our strict quality control. These Products are offered for enhancing a state of well being. Our range covers many other Magnetic Products that are not included in this catalog. If you have a specific requirement please do not hesitate to contact us as we also custom design Products to suit your particular requirement.

Please feel free to call us at: 949 - 218 - 9134 and we would be more than happy to assist you with any questions that you may have.

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Magnetic Hair Brush
Professional Back Support Belt
The Complete Bio-Magnetic Health Kit
Magnetic Water Conditioners
Magnetic Pet Collar
Weigh Less / Stop Smoking Earstuds
Thymus Pendant
Face Mask
Mattress Pad
Miracle Bed
Drinking Mug
Display Toys
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Substance Abuse
Electronic Smog
The Effects of Bio-Magnetism on Living Systems (By: Dr. R.T. Jacobs)
Effect of Magnetic Field on Blood Cells
Block Magnets and Liquids
Human Resources Developemnt

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DISCLAIMER: The infromation and experiences shared on any video tapes, on any audio tapes, in any handout materials as well as all of the Magnetic Products discussed are for educational and Research purposes only and is not medical advice, medical diagnosis, or medical prescription. You are advised to seek healing solution from you personal, qualified Health Care Professional. Self treatment could be hazardous to your health.

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