Electronic Smog

"Magnetism" has recently become a household word. The New York Magazine, Family Circle, Television specials and numerous newspaper articles have sparked great public interest in matters related to this subject. Unfortunately, the information coming to us from public sources is vague and often misleading. Clearly, the general subject is not well understood. This has led recently to confusion and concern on the part of some of our SpaceAge Bio-Magnetic Product users and potential customers, because SpaceAge Bio-Magnetic Products contain permanent magnets that create a constant magnetic field.

A human being contemplating magnetism is like a fish contemplating water. The fish is in water, water is in the fish ( and surrounding every cell). The fish gets its oxygen, thus its energy source from the water. Comparing this image to the fish swimming joyously in a clear, clean, beautiful mountain stream. Now picture the fish struggling for life, gasping for air, sick and sluggish in a scummy, toxic, stagnant pond.

The fish's polluted environment is analogous to our environment when it contains electromagnetism. Electromagnetism is manmade magnetism, including alternating current electricity that we use everyday and a myriad of other unnatural "currents" from microwave ovens to computer terminals. This is what you've been reading and hearing about.

The fish can handle a little pollution. Humans can handle a little of this "electronic smog". T he polluted water gets into the fish; the "electronic smog" gets into us. Too much causes our biofield (body's electric field) to become unbalanced, to slow down, to darken in spots, to stagnate; sickness and premature death result.

The ill effects of electromagnetism are just beginning to be understood and discussed openly. These are grounds for great concern. However, SpaceAge Bio-Magnetic Products do not use manmade electricity, therefore cannot have "electromagnetism". All our magnets are permanent magnets with a constant magnetic field. The "natural" field they create is what our bodies need. It soothes and balances our biofields, rejuvenating it from a harsh day our in the "electronic smog".

Just as there is pure water and polluted water, there is natural magnetism and electromagnetism. The distinction between them is important to understand. We need and thrive on pure water and natural magnetism. SpaceAge Bio-Magnetic Products provide us with a gentle, constant magnetic field to supplement the Earth's natural magnetic field.
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