Alkaboost Electrolyte Dietary Supplement


Designed to help the body naturally rid itself of acidic waste products.


This simple Saliva pH Test may save your life . . .

1. Wait 30 minutes after a meal. Food residues, salt, etc. can remain in the saliva for upto 30 minutes after a meal, causing a false reading. Swish your mouth with fresh saliva and swallow. Repeat twice. 3rd time keep fresh saliva in mouth.
2. Take a 1.0 inch strip of pH paper and wet thoroughly with fresh saliva.
3. After 1.0 minute, match the color of the pH strip with the colors on the cover of the pH paper dispenser.
4. Note the pH number corresponding to your color. For maximum accuracy we recommend you to test 2 or 3 times throughout the day.
Now that you have found out how simple it is to test your saliva, why not test your friends and loved ones ?
You can't afford not to take this test ....
Test Results - What they mean:
7.5 pH .. .. Ideal alkaline body level.
7.0 pH .. .. Your body is neither alkaline nor acidic.
You may be developing disease(s)
6.5 pH .. .. Your body is 10 times more acidic than pH 7.5
6.0 pH .. .. Your body is 20 times more acidic than pH 7.5
Serious degenerative disease(s) may be present
5.5 pH .. .. Your body is 100 times more acidic than pH 7.5
5.0 pH .. .. Your body is 200 times more acidic than pH 7.5
4.5 pH .. .. Your body is 1,000 times more acidic than pH 7.5

  • Designed to help the body naturally rid itself of acidic
    waste products.

  • Highly concentrated formula with a balanced blend of
    ionized water and electrolytes.

  • Alkaboost can help you put the alkaline balance back into your body.

Alkaboost (1 oz.)

pH test strip


The human body could not have forseen the obstacles that we would put against ourselves.

(Continue daily monitoring your saliva till the pH returns permanently back to an optimum 7.5).


Mother Nature has a way of constantly putting new challenges in our paths which can put a strain on our bodies. So naturally, the ultimate surviving machine - the human body - was created to combat her every challenge. Designed with various buffer systems, our bodies should survive most attacks against them. However, the human body could not have foreseen the obstacles that we would put against ourselves like additives, preservatives, stress, hazardous chemicals, pollution, etc.

Our bodies were not made to combat the toxic onslaught of modern lifestyles. The continual toxic stress we put our bodies to, not only ages us faster but often leads to major health conditions like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, gout and more.

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pH: The Acid Alkaline Balance
The fine line Between HEALTH & ILLNESS!

The body must maintain a slightly alkaline pH level between 7.36 and 7.44 in order to function properly. When you have an alkaline pH, your body can build and repair! At a body fluid pH of 7+ you can maintain the proper mineral level for good health. When you have an acidic pH your body is being torn down and is vulnerable to degenerative diseases of all types.

According to recent medical studies, pH imbalances can be correlated to almost all health conditions, from acne to obesity to all the major disease such as heart disease, arthritis and cancer. While many people worry about the pH of the body of water in their fish tanks, few worry about the pH of the body of water which is the human body. Yet, maintaining the correct pH balance is critical to a healthy life. As long as there are sufficient amount of alkaline minerals in the body (potassium, calcium and sodium), the vital pH balance can be sustained. It is truly the secret of life, health and youth.
If your cellular pH is not alkaline, you cannot assimilate vitamins, minerals and food supplements.

We live and die at the cellular level. In order to understand pH, it is necessary to realize that all 75 trillion cells of the human body are slightly acidic and must exist in a slightly alkaline environment (the body fluid) if they are to remain healthy and produce energy. Leading biochemists and medical physiologists have recognized the acid/alkaline balance as the most important aspect of a healthy body. They have long known that the maintenance of an alkaline body fluid is critical to cellular health.

Alkalinity is anabolic (builds up) and acidity is catabolic (tears down). As each cell performs its task or respiration, it secretes acidic metabolic wastes. These wastes are the end product of cellular metabolism and must not be allowed to accumulate. The body goes to great lengths to neutralize and detoxify these acids before they act as poisons in and around the cell, changing its environment. Water plays a huge role in this process because the body consists of 70% water and the blood 90%. The blood is responsible for transporting nourishment to every living cell and is the key to all bodily functions.

Good water is the single most important nutrient
for sustaining human life.

The human body has tremendous healing power if properly nourished. Good water is the single most important nutrient for sustaining human life. Under normal conditions the average person requires 1.5 to 3 quarts of good water a day. But just how pure is the water you are currently ingesting? The quality of our drinking water is steadily deteriorating because of pollutants, chlorination, pesticides and acid rain. To illustrate the value of balanced water, at an acid pH level of 6 crabs die. (Chlorinated Water in some cities have a pH of approximately 4.5 which is highly acidic). Fish and all living marine life die at a pH of 3. Human blood must maintain a pH of 7.35 to 7.45 and body fluids should be 7.1 to 7.8.


Alkaline balance can be checked with a simple saliva test using special pH paper and a color chart.

Blue to Purple
7.0- 7.0+


Light Green

Possibility to develop disease.


Probably have a disease.

By drinking 4 to 8 glass of good water treated with a few drops of AlkaBoost each day, you can help your body maintain a healthy pH. When you raise your pH over 7 you also help increase your oxygen levels. This allows the nutrients and supplements become more bioavailable to your system. It can also help cleanse the kidneys, intestines and liver by breaking down heavy metals and drug residues in your body. AlkaBoost also contains antioxidants that may help protect your body from free radical damage. AlkaBoost contains minerals in ionic form and are immediately bioavailable to the body. Especially calcium, the king of all minerals in the body, which is needed for good health. It is thought that over 157 diseases are directly related to calcium deficiency.


A lack of nutrients at the cellular level causes degenerative disease. The general health condition of the body will improve if the necessary nutrients are received by the body at the cellular level. Toxins change the pH of the cell wall, which significantly reduces the ability of the cell to assimilate nutrients and oxygen. This process is the beginning of cellular starvation, which leads to degenerative disease. Then, we are hosts to viral and bacterial invasions due to our weakened or compromised immune system. Essential Oil Blends and Massage Oils are antimicrobial and help our immune system fight off the ravages of disease. They also have the ability to deliver nutrients to our nutritionally depleted cells. When Essential Oils are blended with the proper nutrients that the body requires, the Essential Oils act as the delivery system to take the nutrients directly into the cell and through the compromised cell wall, which has had the pH altered due to chemical toxins in the body. This process allows the body to rebuild and regain its healthful condition and allows the body's immune system to normalize. In addition, Essential Oil Blends & Massage Oils have the highest oxygenating molecules of any known substance. So, they deliver oxygen to the cells which helps in the regeneration process.


1. By carefully monitoring your diet and avoiding yeast- and fungus-promoting foods such as meats, sugars, dairy products, mushrooms and pickled and malted products. Garlic is excellent for controlling fungi and yeast. Other high-Alkaline fungus-inhibiting foods include green and yellow vegetables, beans, and whole uncracked nuts. The natural ratio between acid and alkaline foods in the diet should be 4:1 - four parts alkaline to one part acid. In his book the Yeast Syndrome, Dr. Morton Walker outlines some antifungal diets.




Is Your Immune System Under Heavy Strain?

The Bubble Has Burst - DNA Sunday June 24, 2007 - Page 17 - Health Line (Download pdf file)


Is My Immunity Low? Frequently Asked Questions
(Download Word file)


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2. By avoiding the frivolous and unnecessary use of antibiotics. The overuse of antibiotics for incidental, minor or cosmetic conditions not only increases the resistance of pathogenic microorganisms, but it kills the beneficial bacteria in your body leaving the mycotoxin-generating yeast and fungi intact. This is why many women suffer outbreaks of yeast infections after antibiotic use. If use of antibiotics is neccessary for non life threatening situations, it is recommended to consider the use of Colloidal Silver which is historically know to have strong Antibiotic Properties. A hand held instrument is available which can affordably prepare a colloidal silver solution within minutes. You can read more about the dangers of the use of Drug Antibiotics by going to "Misuse of Antibiotics" which is an article in Adobe Acrobat format.

3. By using Essential Oil Blends & Massage Oils. Because of their high oxygenating activity, most Essential Oil Blends & Massage Oils possess significant anti-fungal and anti-yeast attributes. Essential Oil Blends and Massage Oils work best in an alkaline environment. The more acidic the internal terrain, the harder the Oils must work to benefit the body.

4. By taking products specifically designed to alkalize your system. AlkaBoost reduces the acidity of your internal terrain. An alkaline environment is hostile to yeast and fungus populations translate into lower levels of body-damaging, disease- inducing mycotoxins.

5. By mitigating and managing stress. Both physical and mental stress elevate the acidity of the blood. Emotional and psychological tension can be especially damaging to bodily systems. SpaceAge produces custom Blends of pure Essential Oils which target the limbic region of the brain and help induce a sense of calming and well-being.

6. By boosting levels of naturally-occurring beneficial bacteria in the body - so-called "friendly flora." These beneficial bacteria not only help only keep fungus, yeast, and hostile invaders in check, but they also generate B vitamins, vitamin K, and maintain proper pH balance for nutrient digestion and absorption. Curds can help to replenish the body's reserves of these friendly digestive companions. These are however transient visitors to the intestinal track and are of no use to seed and colonize it.


The human body, though resilient, is a very delicate system. Modern day lifestyles create heavy loads of excess toxic acid waste for our bodies to expel. Our bodies are constantly producing acid waste products. Believe it or not, this is a natural process. The pH value goes up when we intake food and water, especially alkaline water. In order to allow digestion of food, as well as elimination of bacteria and viruses, the stomach wall automatically secretes more acid to balance the pH level at around 4, the stomach is unable to regulate itself to the given acid level. The acidity is reduced when the alkaline water enters the stomach. This means most of the foods that we consume end in harmful acid wastes after digestion. A normal healthy body contains enough alkaline elements to neutralize these acids so that they may be disposed of safely through perspiration and urine. However, our bodies cannot dispose of these waste products 100%. Contrarily, they add more acid waste products into the body to dip the pH balance further towards the acidic zone. For example, a can of soda has a pH of 2.5 which is highly acidic. It would take 32 glasses of high pH alkaline water to neutralize those acids. Lack of rest, exercise, chronic stress, too much meat and grains, not enough fruits and vegetables all contribute to creating more acid waste, not disposing of it.
What happens to these remaining acids? Eventually, they solidify and accumulate in our bodies to clog capillaries arteries, etc., resulting in the deterioration of cells and issues, thus causing some organs to act sluggish and we start to see the symptomatic signs of aging. This is the aging process.
Slow down the aging process by changing your diet to include more alkaline- forming foods like fruits and vegetables or by drinking alkaline water. Drinking alkaline water helps the body neutralize excess toxic acid waste to maintain a healthy pH balance. You might say it's like putting money away for a rainy day or you might say an acid rainy day.

AlkaBoost does not promise eternal youth. It helps to cleanse, nourish and balance, allowing your body the opportunity to heal itself so optimal health can be maintained. As a dietary supplement it can serve to combat those days of high intake of acidic food or drinks (like sodas) in your life.


Many Essential Oil Blends & Massage Oils possess important antimicrobial, antibacterial properties. French medical researchers in study after study have documented the healing properties of plant extracts and their ability to stimulate the immune system and inhibit bacterial growth.

Essential Oils work best when the body's blood and tissues are alkaline. When our systems become more acidic - due to improper diet or excessive levels of stress-the Essential Oils lose some of their effects. So the best way to enhance the action of Essential Oils is to alkalize your body and AlkaBoost is a first-rate tool to accomplish this.


Some of the most common varieties of negative bacteria, yeast, and fungi that live in the intestines are inactive. However, when the body is weakened by illness or stress, especially emotional and psychological stresses, these bacteria become active, invasive and damaging, just like the formerly cuddly Gremlins who have been fed after midnight.

In addition, stress is a prime promoter of acid formation in the body. To properly appreciate how acidic stress can be, just think back to the last time you were seriously stressed-out and had to reach for an antacid tablet to soothe your heartburn or stomach discomfort.

SpaceAge has formulated a number of Essential Oil Blends - mixtures of pure plant extracts - that produce profound effects on emotions. Many of these special Blends have been reported to have significant uplifting and soothing effects.


Lactobacillus Acidophilus


From three to four pounds of beneficial bacteria permanently reside in the intestines of the average adult. Not only are they the first line of defense against foreign invaders, but they are absolutely essential for health, energy and optimum digestive efficiency.

These intestinal houseguests not only control mucus and debris, but they produce B vitamins, vitamins K and maintain the all-important pH balance of the body. These friendly flora are also very important in counteracting and opposing yeast and fungus overgrowth. When our natural cultures are compromised or disrupted by taking antibiotics or by poor dietary practices, yeast and fungus start growing unopposed and being colonizing and invading larger swathes of our internal terrain, secreting ever-increasing volumes of poisonous mycotoxins.

Curds provide an excellent source of intestinal cultures that are valuable for inhibiting yeast and fungus overgrowth and reducing acidity. In addition, Lactobacillus is one of the few acidophilus supplements that promotes implantation of these friendly flora to the intestinal wall.

Fruits and vegetables are the miracle foods.


You can divide all foods into acid forming and alkaline-forming groups. Fruits and vegetables are the miracle foods you're looking for. Doctors stress that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is the best and safest guarantee against illness and disease like heart disease and cancer. While most proteins like grains and meat are acid forming, fruits and vegetables are rich in alkaline minerals like Potassium and Sodium which neutralize toxic acids in the human body to maintain a healthy pH balance. Remember " An apple a day keeps the doctor away."

An excellent example of foods that promote the alkalinity of the body are sprouts. Check out our Sprout Garden Kit.

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So should we give up our favorite foods for a diet only fruits and vegetables?.
Unfortunately, even if we eat more fruits and vegetables, it is not nearly enough to reach optimal health. Not all nutrients in fruits and vegetables contribute to health. We lose some of them in working and others during digestion. Sure, eating fruits and vegetables is a big plus towards a healthier lifestyle, but avoiding meat and other acid forming foods can cause a nutritional deficiency problem after a while. Eating a well-balanced diet, which includes the four basic food groups seems the best step to optimum health.

When Hippocrates own dietary recommendations were recently analyzed it was found that he suggested a diet of 80% alkaline - forming foods and 20% acid - forming foods which will replenish your health bank. It is the Potassium, Calcium and Sodium minerals which neutralize the unhealthy toxic acid waste in the human body. These minerals are found in alkaline - forming foods, and of course, in concentrated from, they're also found in AlkaBoost - a good idea to have around the house to combat those days of high acid intake. AlkaBoost is also available without sodium for those on a low sodium diet.

AlkaBoost is an important aid in eliminating solid acidic waste from your body and in balancing the acid - alkaline ratio. And the best part is, there are no side effects, except that drinking it returns your body to its more normal, healthy alkaline state. Remember, the aging process, accelerated by acidic waste in your body, takes its toll every single day. By preventing this continuous accumulation of acidic waste in your bodies, we can in fact help to reverse the aging process. Testimonials we have received from our customers confirm just how effective AlkaBoost really is. So do yourself a favor and make AlkaBoost part of your daily regimen and let your beautiful body, the ultimate survival machine that other Nature intended, right itself the natural way. If you make your life an AlkaBoost, you'll enjoy a lifetime of good health in return.

(Higher pH foods are more alkaline forming.)
Food Group
Food Group
Fruits   Starch  
Potatoes with peal
Vegetables   Chestnts
Fruit Juices
Condiments   Herbal Teas
Cayenne Pepper
Celery Seeds

1. When Grains are combined with vegetables and salt, the acid produced by the grains is balanced. Normally, 50 - 70% grains, 30 - 50% vegetables and salt (including soy sauce, salty pickles, etc.) will balance the acid alkaline factors in the blood
2. When properly chewed - 100 to 200 times per mouthful - the acid grains can become alkaline by mixing with the alkaline salivary enzyme ptyalin, and thus do not create acidity even if one eats only grains.
3. A Vegetarian diet of grains and vegetables is highly recommended to maintain an optimum body level of 7.5 pH.


AlkaBoost is a highly concentrated alkaline formula with a balanced blend of ionized water and electrolytes. It's both colorless and odorless, but it's effect is dynamic, changing ordinary drinking water into a concentrated alkaline drink. Just add two drops to 8 ounces glass of regular drinking water. Taken this way, AlkaBoost becomes a powerful dietary supplement with a pH of approximately 10. You should drink 4 to 8 glasses of alkaline water every day.
In order to reduce any discomfort during the initial stages of detoxification process, it is recommended to start with one glass a day and to gradually increase the number of glasses of water treated with AlkaBoost. Please discontinue use in case of serious discomfort.
If your saliva is acidic monitor your pH everyday till the pH returns permanently back to an optimum 7.5.
Optimum alkalinity at the cellular level equates to optimum health. Today, you can help put the alkaline balance back into your body.

Is My Immunity Low? Frequently Asked Questions
(Download Word file)

The Bubble Has Burst - DNA Sunday June 24, 2007 - Page 17 - Health Line (Download pdf file)


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