Conference On Alternative Medicine
The Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU)
Coimbatore - originally established in 1868
March 16th to 19th, 2006
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1. Aromatherpy - Governing Spiritual Principles
And Its Therapeutic Uses.

Abstract of Seminar
Download Word doc file of complete text of Speech
Download Power Point Presentation

2. Nutritional Farming As Opposed To Organic Farming
Naturally Growing Nutritionally Super Enriched Food

Impact Of Dams On The Health Of The Nation
Abstract of Seminar
Download Word doc file of complete text of Speech
Download Power Point Presentation

3. Photo Gallery Of The Conference
a) TNAU - Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore campus established in 1906
b) The Conference
c) Nutritional Farming - I
d) Nutritional Farming - II
e) Nutritional Farming - III
f) Nutritional Farming - IV
g) Dr. Gerry Bodeker - Editor-in-Chief, WHO Global Atlas with Pramod Vora
h) Chairing Session 6 on "Global Opportunity & Need Of Herbal Health Foods
i) Malnutrition in India

4. Some Words of Appreciation and Encouragemen
Dear Pramod,
"Keep up the good work for nutritional agriculture - an easy concept to get when one hears it, but easy to miss if one doesn't.
Best regards to you and your wife,
Dr. Gerry Bodeker
I thank whole heartedly for the vibrant and expressive presentation delivered by you.
Dr. E. Vadivel, Director, TNAU, Directorate of Extension Education

5. Further Reading Materials
a) Bread From Stones, Dr. Julius Hensel, 1894
b) The Survival of Civilization, John D. Hamaker, 1982

6. Testing Nutritionally Grown Food
Spinach grown after remineralization of soil

7. Justus Von Liebig - (1803 to 1873)
Organic Chemistry and its Application to Agriculture and Physiology
What he had to say about his discovery of NPK Fertilzers

8. Senate Document 264 - June 1936 - doc file
Modern Miracle Men - pdf file

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