Application of Pure Essential Oils




This procedure is very effective in improving and restoring hearing no matter what the cause of the loss - Nerve Damage, Damage from re-occurring infections, loss due to consistent long term exposure to loud noise and even loss from Emotional Trauma. All respond very well to this treatment. Utilizing an extremely High Frequency Oil, the Electrical Signal in the Brain can be increased and hearing maximized.


1) Rub Lavender on bottom of feet, especially 2 small toes & smallest fingers.

2) Rub BodyAlign on bottom of feet, especially 2 small toes & smallest fingers.

3) Tilt Head to one side and apply/rub 1 drop of Helichrysum into the cup of ear (located above the lobe) for easier location hold the lobe of the ear up a little)

Rub one drop in each ear cup, one ear after another. At no time or under any circumstance should oil be dropped directly onto the Eardrum or it could severely burn the Eardrum causing severe injury.

4) Insert Index Finger into Ear. Right Finger in Right Ear and Left Finger in Left Ear.

5) Massage gently rotate fingers upward lift up using alternating fingers 20 times.

6) Rotate fingers back 1/4th turn and pull back toward you 10 times.

7) Rotate fingers 1/4th turn and pushing downwards 10 times.

8) Rotate fingers back to original position and push using thumb to push finger forward 10 times.

9) Work Aricular points around Ears.

10) Add:

HearMax1 - Apply 4 drops per ear for Nerve and Tissue Regeneration.

Apply above oils to tissues around the ear and down the soft tissues in the neck.

Born Deaf:


HearMax2 around the Ears, Fingertips and Toes.

For Tinnitus (ringing in the ears, block in eustachian tube) .. use Helichrysum (rub on inside & out of ears).

Please ensure that, at no time, oils are dropped into ear, especially Helichrysum. The oils are to be dropped only in the cup above the lobe. After that, use the fore finger or pointer finger to gently massage the oils. Finger nails should be absolutely cut and filed. Rocking of the person's head has to be done very gently.

As always, of course, when you put the oil, the intent is of utmost importance, both of the person being treated and the one giving the treatment. This if coupled with visualization by the persons involved (that he or she can hear perfectly) will obtain quicker results in only a few treatments.

***COMMENTS .. When working on the ears, please do not, and it is very uncomfortable, to drop oils directly into the ear canal. The oils should only be applied by rubbing on the inside, outside, and on the mastoid bone directly behind the ear.


Alternative procedure for Ear Adjustment.

A. Pull one ear up then the other ear up 10 times each side; 20 times total.

B. Pull one ear back then the other, 5 times each side; 10 times total.

C. Pull one ear down then the other, 5 times each side; 10 times total.

D. Pull one ear forward then the other, 5 times each side; 10 times total.

E. Then 1 quick pull with finger in each direction. Up, back, down, forward.


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