Our Natural Health Care Clinic
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SpaceAge Natural Health & Anti-Aging Center is located approximately 1.0 km from the International Airport, in Mumbai, India. The Center employs about 50 people and has an area of approximately 7000 sq. ft.

The Health Center specializes in Detoxification, Rejuvenation, Orthomolecular Medicine and Anti-Aging Therapies.

The Health Center uses Western Herbology and Intracellular Nutritional Medicine for the treatment of all kind of chronic ailments and for anti-aging the body.

Over 7000 patients have under gone treatment at the center. Over 400 Doctors, many with M.D. / M.B.B.S. in Allopathic Medicine have undergone treatment for numerous chronic health challenges for which there is no cure in mainstream medicine. For testimonials of senior doctors please visit: http://www.space-age.com/testimonials.html

Over 200 Celebrities pursuing Perfect Health and Anti-Aging of the body have also undergone treatment at the Center.

The Center handles all types of Chronic Health and Beauty Challenges through totally Natural means – Herbs and Herbal Oils (imported from all over the World) are widely used in their treatment along with other Alternative Therapies like Bio-Magnetics, Bio-Electronics, Energy Medicine, Nutritional Healing and Orthomolecular Medicine. The Center has over 1200 in house, proprietary polyherbal and nutritional formulations for different Health and Beauty Challenges.

The activities of the Center are guided by an internationally renowned Health Counselor Pramod Vora, who has been an advisor to the Medical Profession and a Personal Coach to Doctors in Modern Medicine. He has personally counseled thousand of Patients, hundreds of Celebrities and Doctors guiding them towards Perfect Health. He is on the Faculty for Anti-Aging Medicine for numerous international organizations.
For more info: http://www.space-age.com/bio.pdf

For Overseas Visitors to our Clinic

We recommend, before prospective Health Care Visitors actually arrive in India, they undergo a short evaluation of their Medical History by providing us their information in our Standard Questionnaire, either manually or On Line through our Secure Web Page on the Internet at:

In many cases it may be advisable to start a Preliminary 4-Week Treatment prior to actual arrival in India in the form of a Detoxification / Rejuvenation of the Body. This being the foundation of Good Health the benefits of other treatments proposed during your Personal Consultation in India will prove more complete and wholesome.

On arrival in India, it is recommended that each person spend a few days in Mumbai en route to their final destination. At this time a "One on One Consultation" (lasting about half to one hour) can be arranged and a complete line of in depth Treatment in the Form of a Ten Week Protocol can be worked out and provided to each Visitor to help them reach a state of Perfectly Healthy Body and Mind. Your stop in Mumbai will also provide a period for adjusting to Jetlag due to the time difference and not suddenly throw you into the rigors of further travel and treatment.

Our Clinic has a Liaison Office in Los Angeles (Tel: +1 - 949-861-8184) where our Health Counselors can provide Pre Trip Information and Post Trip follow up measures to ensure continued Health Support to help the Visitors achieve continued Good Health even after they return back to the United States. The Los Angeles Liaison Office will also locally provide immediate shipment of Herbal formulations on a continued basis into the future so that the good progress of the trip is maintained into the future.

Our Health Center also works closely with other associate Doctors and Clinics in Bombay who offer Cosmetic, Dental and Laser Eye Correction facilities.

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# 9/123 Marol Co-op. Industrial Estate
P. O. Box 7432, Marol Sagbaug
Andheri (E), Mumbai 400 059
Tel: +91 - 22 - 2850 - 8653 / 2850 - 3986
Fax: +91 - 22 - 850 - 6214

Internet : http://www.space-age.com/
E-Mail: spaceage@space-age.com