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Vita Flex means vitality through the reflexes. It is a complete scientific workable system of controls that releases the unlimited healing power within the human body. Combining the electrical frequency of the oils and that of the person receiving the application creates rapid and phenomenal results.

Vita Flex Therapy is based on a complete system of internal body controls. When properly applied through specific application of hand rotation movements and control points, a Vibrational Healing Energy is released through the Neuroelectrical pathways. The healing energy is released through the electrical impulses by the contact between the fingertips and the reflex points. This stimulates an electrical charge that follows the neuro pathways of the nervous system to where there is a break in the electrical circuit. The break in the electrical circuit will be directly related to an energy block caused by toxins, damaged tissues, or loss of oxygen. This reflex system of controls encompasses the entire body and mind releasing all kinds of tension, congestion and imbalances. This technique was believed to have originated in Tibet many thousands of years ago long before acupuncture was ever discovered.

The Vita Flex Technique is a superior form of Reflexology. Reflexology, as used today, has tendency to ground out the electrical charge from constant compression and rotation, which also causes cell separation and loss of oxygen to subdermal tissues, thus causing further injury. With the Vita Flex technique people experience less discomfort. Using the thumb and all four fingers, the application is much more efficient. There are more than 1,500 Vita Flex points throughout the body in comparison to only 365 acupuncture points used in Reflexology. With Vita Flex the weakened or injured areas are corrected on the electrical reflex points thus preventing further injury and less stress allowing for quicker and more efficient healing.

This ancient form of Vita Flex Therapy was in recent times Modernized to incorporate the use of Essential Oils and Energy Medicine to more rapidly correct the Energy Balance of the Body and speedily return it back to Good Health. These modern techniques devised are useful in the Management of Pain - both Upper Back (Spondylitis) and Lower Back (Sciatica) through totally Natural means. The treatment is very gentle and does not result in the aggravation of Pain at any stage. It is noticed that with each Session of the treatment the pain levels go down steadily.

One of the Essential Oils used during this treatment is called Foot Reflexology:
It was formulated to empower the Physical and Spiritual Bodies. It helps us overcome Fear and Opposition so we can stand tall during adversity. It may help build Courage, Confidence and Self-esteem. It brings a feeling of Calmness, Peace and Relaxation. It may be used for Hyperactivity and Attention Deficit Disorder in children. It has been found beneficial in helping to Align the Physical Structure of the Body; relieve Pain along the Spine. It also Balances and Aligns Electrical Energies within the Body. Application: Apply 6 drops on each foot or massage along the spine. Foot Reflexology Oil has been touted as a Chiropractor in a bottle. It is known to change anaerobic muted cells back to their aerobic natural state. It is typically applied to the Brain Stem and the Soles of the Feet where the Vita Flex Points are located.

The other Essential Oil used during this treatment is called NerveLess:
This oil has Anti-Viral, Anti-Bacterial properties besides having the ability to reduce Nerve Inflammation and helps regenerate Nerves. This is applied to the area of concern - the Upper Back Region in case of Spondylitis and the Lower Back Region in case of Sciatica.

Reproduced with permission from the book on " Healing for the Age of Enlighten
ment " by Stanley Burrroughs.

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