(Use of Minerals & Vitamins for treatment of Chronic Ailments)

Today, due to over cultivation of land, the grains, fruits and vegetables grown in our farmlands lack Nutritional value - Minerals and Vitamins of ester years. The soil is totally depleted of Minerals and other Nutrients. The over use of Synthetic Fertilizers and the absence of floods, (due to building of massive Dams), which naturally replenished the soil, has left us with highly substandard produce from the land we cultivate. The food we eat today has perhaps only 25% of the nutritional value it used to have a few centuries back.

This, coupled with poor assimilation of Food, due to badly maintained Digestive Systems and over use of Antibiotics (which has depleted the friendly intestinal flora required for digestion), has left the majority of the population of rich and developed countries malnourished. Today, at the beginning of the new millennium, the word "under nourished" no longer brings up the picture of poor famine stricken population of India, Africa or South America. It is the rich urban population of the mega cities of prestigious countries.

It is estimated that, presently over 90% people in metropolitan cities are malnourished - their bodies lack many vital Minerals and Vitamins. This has resulted in a plethora of Chronic Ailments.

The Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) set up by the US Government in the 1940s to prevent Scurvy, Beriberi and Rickets can no longer be a guiding factor in optimum Health Care. Prophylactic Inorganic Mineral & Vitamin Supplements readily available at our local Chemist, (which are a fraction of the RDA), are therefore no longer capable of rectifying this situation. This has raised a very interesting situation that needs an innovative approach in Health Care, to safely overcome this obstacle towards a goal of a Perfectly Healthy Body & Mind.

A new standard of Optimum Daily Allowance (ODA) has now evolved worldwide, (which is much higher than the RDA), and the use of complex Organic Minerals and Natural Vitamins is on the rise. A series of Nutritional Supplements like NutraBoost, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Ferro, PC-Mag, DiaVit, NeuroVit, VitaKid, Super Calcium have been formulated on these modern principals of ODA to fight the rampant deficiency in Minerals and Vitamins that has plagued majority of population worldwide.

Our Health Center is making these available through Authorized Doctors / Health Professionals and Clinics all over the world, along with Detoxification Kits to maintain the Digestive System at Optimum Absorption.

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