Positive Weight Control

 1. The Traditional Approach

Traditionally, Weight Control has been to view weight increase as a Symptom and mankind has spent billions of Dollars and hours in its fruitless control by "Passive" means. This paper is presented to put forth a new School of Thought on an emerging concept called Positive Weight Control which is an "Active" type of Weight Release Program.

This paper explains the reasons for a change in the traditional approach from a totally "Passive Symptomatic Treatment" to an Active Program known as "Overhauling the Body".

2. Overhauling the Body

When the Body starts to accumulate weight, it means that the various Organs of the Body have slowed down and the rate of metabolism of the Body has therefore also slowed down.

A more appropriate and a Positive Approach to Weight Control would be, as a first step, to Detoxify the Body, so that the Organs which have slowed down as a result of the Toxins accumulating in the Body, will speed up with the removal of Toxins from the Body.

The second step is, to Rejuvenate the Body and "fine tune" the Body (just like an automobile at its 25,000 mile Tune Up); further speed up the Organs so that the rate of metabolism is increased and the food being assimilated by the body is burnt much faster; and the Body does not continue to accumulate weight like before.

There are 4 Herbal Dietary Supplements (Colon Cleanse, Kidney Care, Detoxifier and LivMax) that are involved in the Detoxification of the Body. These detoxify the intestines, the Kidneys, the Blood and the Liver respectively.

There are 3 Herbal Dietary Supplements (Energizer, Kaya Kalpa and Kama Sutra) that are involved in the Rejuvenation of the Body. Each capsule contains a number of Herbs which are targeted to different Organs of the Body, including the Brain - which is the "Super Computer" and "Master Server" which controls the whole Body. All these Rejuvenating Herbs are capable of increasing the Rate of Metabolism of the Body back (Reverse Aging) to when the body was much younger.

This way, the Weight Gain Challenge of the Body may be overcome in a more positive way, as we are going right to the root cause of Weight Increase rather than working in isolation on the Symptom of Weight Increase.

Positive Weight Control does not subject the Body to the trauma of 500 Calories per day Diet which can lead to under nourishment and expose the Body to the risk of damage to its Organs.

The 4th Dietary Supplement in our Rejuvenation Program is known as Shilajit which is a Natural Mineral supplement in its original natural form (not a extract or freeze dried low potency form); which provides a number of natural trace minerals in their natural form to help speed up the working of the Organs. These minerals are found high up in the Himalayas.

3. In Conclusion

Detoxifying and Rejuvenating the Body is a first step to Positive Weight Control.

4. Herbal Dietary Supplements

Weight Release Herbal Dietary Supplement Super Yam - 750 mg capsule has roughly 3 to 4 times the potency of Wild Yam. Super Yam is therefore more economical to the end user.

Our Super Slim Fast - 850mg can be taken in conjunction with Super Yam. These 2 capsules, taken in conjunction with each other, are known to work at much higher potency then when they are taken individually. The 850 mg Super Slim Fast is a higher potency version (roughly 2 times) of our 750 mg Slim Fast.

Fenugreek - 500 mg is another Herb which has been successfully used by Weight Loss Watchers in conjunction with Super Slim Fast.

CelluLite - 850 mg is a Dietary Supplement which helps dissolve Cellulite and Fat.

Fat Burner - 500 mg is a Dietary Supplement which helps to scrape away excess Body Fat.

Kelp - 500 mg is Dietary Supplement which has been used to increase the rate of metabolism of the Body. This helps to rapidly burn the assimilated food.

Please note that all our Herbs are in their Original Natural Form and are Naturally Conditioned using our Proprietary Processes to improve their natural potency. This is unlike many Herbs on the market which are either Extracts or Freeze Dried or lower potency versions.

Give our Herbs a try and find out for yourself what others have already found out, that treating the whole Body rather than symptoms is a healthy, successful way to release weight.


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