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Kaya Kalpa & Physical Immortality

About 10,000 years ago, lived a King in ancient India, who had a head strong daughter who refused to get married. One day, the King lost his patience and promulgated an Order that the Princess was to be blindfolded and put amidst the Suitors in the Courtyard of the Palace. The person whom she first touched would be her husband.

It so happened, that on that day, a holy man of an advanced age, was visiting the King. While he was crossing the Courtyard, to enter the Palace, the Princess happened to touch him.

The holy man, due to his advancing age, pleaded with the King his inability to marry the Princess. The King refused to listen and gave the holy man 90 days to get ready for the marriage. The holy man was confused and did not know what to do. When he was returning home, from the Palace, on his way, he met a Yogi, who having heard about his predicament, offered to rejuvenate his body and resolve his dilemma.

Thus was reborn the science of Kaya Kalpa. Kaya Kalpa is the science of rejuvenation of the entire body, longevity and physical immortality for those who want to extend their life on the physical plane on this earth.

Many Massage Oils are used in the process of rejuvenation of the Physical Body. SpaceAge Aromatherapy recommends two main formulations to achieve this goal. One is the Detoxification Massage Oil which is known to draw the accumulated Toxins out of the Body and this is followed by Kaya Kalpa Massage Oil which is known to regenerate the cells, tissues, skin and even go deeper inside the body to regenerate the various organs of the body.

In addition, SpaceAge has a secondary line of formulations:

1. Hormone Balance Oil which is known to create a Hormonal Balance in the Body;

2. SkinCare, Full Body Massage Oil, Face Mask Oil, Skin Toning, Cleansing Oil and Skin Rejuvenation Oil known to rejuvenate the Skin; and

3. Other preparations known to optimize the functioning of Organs like the Liver (LivMax), Kidneys (KindneyCare), Pancreas (SugarLess), Thyroid (ThyroidCare), Brain (Concentration), etc. etc.

This ancient Indian Science, believed to be about 30,000 years B.C., is known as the Siddha System of Medicine. It is known as the most advanced and perfected system of Medicine which had Reversal of the Aging processes of the Body and Physical Immortality as its highest goal. Conventional medical knowledge is incapable of achieving this today.

The Ancient Indian Yogi Babaji Nagaraja who was born in 203 AD achieved Physical Immortality when he was 16 years old. This makes him almost 2000 years old today. It is believed that there are approximately 300 Yogis in India who have conquered the death of the Physical Body and are several hundred years old.

SpaceAge is presently re-researching this age old and Ancient Indian Science of Rejuvenation and Physical Immortality with the aid of Aromatherapy, Bio-Magnetics, Bio-Electronics and the principals of Spiritual Science.