Reverse Aging Workshop

Presented By

Pramod Vora

Pramod Vora is a Counselor on Health / Beauty Care & Reverse Aging through Natural Means. He is a Conventional & New Age Scientist, a self-trained Engineer, an Entrepreneur and an Internationally acclaimed Inventor. He is engaged in giving Seminars for the education of the masses and in training Doctors and Health Professionals who are interested in Alternative Approaches to Health and Beauty Care based on the concepts of
"MODERN AYURVEDA" which he has evolved.

Having spent a greater part of his career in the High Tech Business spanning three continents - India, Europe & USA, he has gathered a wealth of experience and knowledge which he likes sharing with people.

Pramod Vora has spent the last decade Re-researching into the principals of New Age Science where mass, energy and consciousness are equated with each other. He is deeply involved in Natural Health Care and Healing of the Body, Mind & Soul and Spiritual Science. He is engaged in re-researching KAYA KALPA the Ancient Indian Science of Rejuvenation and Anti-Aging of the Body and PHYSICAL IMMORTALITY with the aid of Ayurvedic Herbs, Aromatherapy, Bio-Electronics, Bio-Magnetics and Siddha System of Medicine (older than Ayurveda) coupled with the principles of Spiritual Science.

He will introduce you to the importance of Spiritual Science in your day to day life in the material world and how to use it to:

1. Arrest and Reverse your Body's Aging process
2. Have better Health - Naturally and live longer
3. Achieve your Heart's Desire
4. Enhance your success in your education, career, profession & Corporate World.




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